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Gogate is a name to reckon with in the field of Electronics. By initiating several world class practices, we are now amongst the preferred suppliers for our Multi-national Customers.

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Winner of
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for the year 2014.



Battery Chargers – G Series

Wide range of SMPS and Linear Battery Chargers available.
Designed for continuous duty application.
Customized as per your requirements.

Diesel Generator Sets, Cars / Trucks, Traction systems, Electric Vehicles and Control and Automation systems

Solar MPPT Charge Controllers

DSP based two phased interleaved switching
Switching element – MOSFETs
Charging algorithm – Four-level charge with MC, CV, Release and Trickle
Isolation - No isolation, positive is common
Switching frequency in each phase is 18KHz, resultant switching frequency in the final output 36KHz
Low ripple current in input and output due to inter-leaved switching

Available from 250VA to 2KVA

Power Packs

Designed to provide back-up for trip coils, protection relays, indicators and other load in VCB panels.
Both, Battery Backed and Capacitor Backed Power Packs Available
Designed for extreme power conditions
Can be customized to meet your requirements

Battery Chargers for MV Switchgear

Customized as per your requirements and specifications of MV Switchgear Manufacturers
Natural air-cooled
Thermal sensing and shutdown
Designed for long service life
Charging current selection available on request
Designed to work in extreme power conditions

Control and Protection Units

Control and Interlock Cards

Used along with Battery Chargers to provide additional protections in Ring Main Units

Help in enhancing the reliability and performance of the Distribution System

Protections from Grounded Battery, Motor Malfunction available

Trip Circuit Supervision Relay

Monitors the healthiness of the trip circuit of breaker

Anti Pumping Relay

Ensures that the breaker closes only once for one close command from the control panel

Prevents multiple circuit breaker closure

Products for LV Switchgear

Breaker Protection Relay

Solid state relay, suitable for 800-3200Amps circuit breaker
Protections for Over-load, Short-circuit and Earth Fault with settable time delay

Timers ADT Series

Wide range of on-delay timers to meet the requirements of LV and MV panel manufacturers

Intelligent Phase Selector Switch

Ensures availability of power to single phase operated loads from any one of the available healthy phase or DG Set

Earth Fault Relay

Designed to Protect in case of earth faults or leakage currents beyond a preset level, with settable time delay

Annunciation and Monitoring Units

Battery Health Monitoring Unit (BHMU)

Ensures health of batteries in critical applications by user defined periodic tests

No shut down of critical load during the test

Fault Annunciation Unit (FAU)

Used in MV Switchgear panel for annunciation of protection system.

Indicates the alarm condition & trip condition of the devices

Winner of NIMA Business Excellence Award 2014